Marca: ADC

Modelo: EGA60

No. Catálogo: EGA60


Compact and fully integrated

ADC BioScientific Ltd now introduces the EGA60, the next generation of multi-sample analysis systems. The EGA60 is a fully integrated system, featuring an accurate and reliable CO2 analyser, combined with a

versatile gas multiplexer in one compact unit. The

EGA60 is designed for measurements during long-term, continuous experiments.

The new, fully integrated EGA60 is easy to install and significantly reduces experimental set up times compared to earlier systems.

Determination of soil biomass

The EGA60 can be configured to measure soil respiration from a variety of columns or chambers, whether your application is soil ecology or a soil treatment application. Data provided by the EGA60 can subsequently be used to calculate the volume of CO2 released per unit mass of soil over time.


Soil toxicology

One of the main applications for the EGA60 is in agrochemical registration.

Prior to agrochemical registration for commercial usage various, vigorous toxicology tests must be carried out. This includes active aerobic heterotrophic microbial biomass degradation in aerated agricultural and mineral soils. To perform these tests an international standard has been published.

ISO 14240-1 Soil quality - Determination of soil microbial biomass, Part 1: Substrate-induced respiration method describes tests on soil micro flora, incorporate investigations on microbial biochemical activity, by measuring the evolution of CO2 from soil

samples at regular time intervals. ISO 14240-1 is based

on measurements made using an earlier ADC soil respiration system (ADC225 analyser and WA161 multiplexer).



Other gas exchange applications

The EGA60 can also be user-configured for a variety of multi-sample bioscience gas exchange applications including:

Plant physiology Environmental chambers Insect respiration

Fruit storage