Marca: ADC

Modelo: EGA60p

No. Catálogo: EGA60p


Dual CO2/H2O analysis

+ Up to 24 experimental samples

+ Accurate and proven technology

+ Fully programmable

+ Compact and fully integrated

+ Flow to all channels at all times

+ SD card data storage and USB output

Compact and fully integrated

The next generation of multi-sample, plant gas exchange

analysis systems. The EGA60p is a fully integrated

system, featuring an accurate and reliable CO2

analyser, combined with a versatile gas multiplexer in

one compact unit. The EGA60p is designed for

measurements during long-term, continuous


The new, fully integrated EGA60p is easy to install and

significantly reduces experimental set up times

compared to earlier systems.


Analysis of up to 24 samples

A single EGA60p system can sequentially analyse up to

24 experimental samples. The EGA60p is available with

5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 channels. One channel being

reserved for a zero column

Fully programmable

ADC has a reputation for developing the world’s easiest

to use gas exchange systems. The EGA60p has been

designed to be the most user-friendly, multi-sample

plant physiology system ever. Complete functionality is

achieved with just 5 keys driving a series of menus. No

separate “bolt on” PC or laptop is required.

Sampling times of individual channels can be set

together with total experimental times.

The EGA60p features a large backlit LCD display for

clear programming and presentation of real-time gas

exchange data.










Constant flow maintains sample integrity

Flow in each channel may be automatically programmed

between 0-500ml min-1.

Importantly a constant flow is maintained around the system

to all sample channels, at all times. This ensures that the

integrity of each sample is preserved by ensuring

equilibrium inside each experimental chamber is



Integral data storage

The EGA60p provides integral data storage on

interchangeable SD cards, each capable of storing many

hundreds of thousands of data points.

Data may be downloaded to a PC directly from the SD

cards or via a USB port.


Measurement of plant gas exchange

EGA60p is a multi-channel differential analysis system

measuring each experimental chamber before and after the

chamber to provide a differential gas exchange

measurement for the plant material inside each chamber.

Gas exchange data is clearly presented on the backlit LED


Data provided by the EGA60p can subsequently be used to

calculate the rate of plant CO2 uptake (photosynthesis) or

net CO2 exchange rate within an ecosystem chamber where

the chamber may contain both carbon sink and carbon

source material.

The EGA60p can be configured with your own columns or

chambers, whether your application is plant science or

environmental ecology.










Provisional Specification*

Measurement range and technique:



0-2000ppm, 1ppm resolution Infrared gas




0-75mbar, 0.1mbar resolution. Two laser

trimmed, fast response water vapour sensors


Flow control:

0 to 500ml min-1 on each channel


Test duration:

Set by time or number of measurement cycles


Dwell time:

2 seconds to 999 minutes on each channel


Warm up time:

5 minutes @ 20oC


Display :

240 x 64 graphic LED backlit LCD


Recorded data:

Removable SD cards typically store 16 million

sets of data on a 1Gb card


Power supply:

230/110V 50/60Hz


Electrical outputs:

USB connection: Mini-B

RS232: 9 Pin “D” type


Analogue inputs:

Seven 0-5V or 0-20mA inputs


Operating temperature range:

5oC to 45oC



27 x 25 x 15cm