Marca: ADC

Modelo: LCpro-SD

No. Catálogo: LCpro-SD


Unparalleled portability


For over forty years, ADC’s name has been synonymous with plant physiology and a world leader in plant gas exchange technology. During this time ADC has been at

the  forefront of technological development designed to make  photosynthesis systems evermore portable and easy to use. Today the  LCpro-SD confirms our “leaders in portability’ status. The LCpro-SD is the  smallest, lightest and most user-friendly gas exchange system with microclimate control ever  developed.

Weighs only  4.5kg

The LCpro-SD offers laboratory experimental performance in a truly portable device. Featuring ADC’s highly accurate miniaturised infrared gas analyser and surface

mount technology, the  LCpro-SD is, at 4.5kg,  less than  half the  weight and half the

size of conventional systems offering environmental control. Full programmability, data/graphic display and capture is contained within the  compact and rugged console.


The LCpro-SD plant leaf chamber fitted with full environmental control weighs less than  1kg.


A comfortable and adjustable strap is supplied so that  the  lightweight LCpro-SD can be easily carried and operated on the  shoulder, even  by petite researchers.


There  is no requirement for an external PC, batteries or control units.


16 hour battery

Powered by a single, small 12V rechargeable battery and encorporating the  latest in low power comsumption components, the  LCpro-SD will function continuously for up to 16 hours, depending on the  environmental controls being operated. Batteries can be easily changed in the  field.



Designed for prolonged reliable operation in harsh field conditions, the  LCpro-SD maintains optimal experimental performance even  in high humidity and dusty climates. The control panel and display screen is membrane