Marca: ADC

Modelo: LCi-SDU

No. Catálogo: LCi-SDU


Ultra compact and field portable

The LCi-SD is our smallest, lightest and most user-friendly portable photosynthesis measurement system ever.  It allows  access to field sites previously  considered unsuitable for conventional gas  exchange systems.


Weighs only  2kg

Featuring ADC’s highly accurate miniaturised infrared  gas  analyser and surface mount technology, the  LCi-SD weighs only 2kg, a fraction  of the  weight and size of most traditional  photosynthesis systems. Full functionality, flow control,  graphic  display and data  capture is contained within the  ultra compact and rugged LCi-SD console.

The LCi-SD is light enough to be carried  and operated using  a shoulder strap  or even  worn  on a belt.


10 hour battery

Powered by a single,  small 12V rechargeable battery and incorporating the  latest in low power consumption components, the  LCi-SD will function  continuously for up to 10 hours  between charges.


Designed for prolonged reliable operation in harsh  field conditions, the  LCi-SD maintains optimal  experimental performance even  in high humidity  and dusty  climates.

Miniaturised analyser in chamber head

For over four decades ADC have  been world leaders in the  design and manufacture of infrared  gas  analysers (IRGA). ADC BioScientific  has  now  developed a miniaturised format  of their proven,  portable IRGA. The gold-plated IRGA, housed inside  the  LCi-SD plant leaf chamber, provides accurate, fast,  reliable and stable

gas  exchange performance. By housing the  gas  analyser directly in the  leaf chamber head,  response delays in gas  exchange measurements are effectively eliminated. The proximity of the  chamber and the  analyser also reduces the  risk of gas  hang-up  or water vapour  drop out in long lengths of gas  tubing.




Long-term stability

The miniaturised IRGA carries  out an automatic zero in the  standard operational cycle,  ensuring long-term measurement  stability. This auto-zero cycling time  has been reduced in the  LCi-SD to significantly  improve  system response without any loss  in analyser stability. All CO2  measurements are automatically compensated for atmospheric pressure, temperature and the  affects of water vapour  broadening and dilution.

The novel differential  in time  IRGA design removes the  need to constantly balance dual IRGA systems to prevent the  calibration  of the  two  cells drifting apart.


High quality  environmental sensors

To provide  the  researcher with full photosynthesis data  the  LCi-SD plant leaf chamber encloses a number of high quality environmental sensors. Two highly accurate laser  trimmed humidity  sensors provide  exceptionally reliable transpiration data,  while high calibre sensors measure Photosynthetic Active Radiation  (PAR)

and chamber temperature.

The LCi-SD offers  the  user  a choice  of accurate leaf temperature determination methods. A new,  innovative,  self-positioning sensor is provided  as standard in many chambers. Alternatively,  a manual  placement sensor can be employed or the proven  Energy  Balance  equation can be used with any chamber.

System flow rates are controllable in the  range  100-500ml min-1.